Wexford Academy Of Martial Arts

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The Wexford Academy Of Martial Arts is a family run martial arts and fitness centre, catering for all levels of fitness and experience in martial arts i.e. light contact and full contact kickboxing.

The Academy also caters for people who just want to maintain a good level of fitness without the worry of a full contact sport.

There are many different aspects covered in training so that all the body is catered for e.g.

Strength training

Endurance training
Cardio vascular training
Core work training
Anerobic and Aerobic training

The Wexford Academy Of Martial Arts was put together 15 years ago and is now one of the most renowned martial arts centres in Ireland.

All our coaches are qualified to teach kickboxing and carry out first aid. They are all trained under the code of ethics for working with under age children and in street awareness.

The Wexford Academy Of Martial Arts (WAMA) coaches are:

Chief Instructor: Billy Murphy
Coaches: Stephen Murphy
Elaine Murphy

Billy Murphy is a 6th Dan master in kickboxing, he is also the top International Referee and is the world representative for the World Kickboxing Association (WKA).

All fights both amateur and professional must go through Billy. Not only is Billy the Wexford Academy Of Martial Arts coach, He has also been selected to be the International team coach for the Internationals, Ireland vs Scotland in March 2013.

Stephen Murphy who is a 4th Dan Black Belt has unified all belts. As Stephen has years of experience in the ring, his knowledge is second to none, benefiting All the Wexford Academy Of Martial Arts Fighters and people who just want to learn general self-defence.

Elaine Murphy is a 3rd Dan Black Belt and has 7 Irish titles, she also holds two world medals. AIKI WKA IKF

Both Stephen and Elaine Murphy have been honored with civic receptions by Wexford Borough Council for their achievements in the world of kickboxing.

In addition to the coaches, club member Derry Stafford is also trained in first aid.

The Wexford Academy Of Martial Arts has turned out an abundance of champions over the years, showing that their over all training is essential for their participation in a full contact sport.

A list of honored fighters coached by Billy:

Stephen Murphy:
Irish 5 Nations
World and World Pro Am

Sonny Browne:

Gary Walsh:
IKF National title

Vilo Popa:
I.K.F National title

Paul Murphy:
I.K.F National title

The list of current fighters going into training are,

Danny Furlong
Danny Moorehouse
Gary Hayden
John Power
Mac Firman
Paul Murphy
Roy Breen
Stephen Gibson
Stephen Scallan

Alice Power
Fiona McNeil
Leah Doran
Lena Browne

Aaron Stafford
Craig Browne
Daniel Crayden
Des Mernagh
Dylan Donnelly
Jack Browne
Josh Carley
Lee Dempsey